The MAG Server Email Server, Ham and Spam

We along with all other email users on this planet are plagued by Spam. The main part of the problem is that machines cannot discriminate between the good stuff, called Ham and the bad stuff, Spam. One way around this is to teach the machines the difference. There are now packages that can do a very basic form of learning and there is one installed on the server. It is all set up and ready to go.

Now we need to actually give it examples from which it can learn. If you create two new folders in your account, on the same level as the Junk and Inbox folders, called "Ham" and "Spam" (note capital letters), this will be your signup to the teaching system.

There is a process that runs every 10 minutes that checks to see if anyone with a Ham or Spam folder has anything in that folder. If there is anything there, it picks it up, runs it through the learning system and then throws it away. If it finds anything it will also send you a thank you mail to let you know what it learned and that your efforts are appreciated by the rest of the users on the system.

Please be careful and remember: