How Do I Update My Website

"Flat File" websites vs "CMSs"

There are two main categories of web sites on the web. The simplest to operate is the "Content Management System". In this type the author doesn't need to know about html, css, javascript or any other hi-tech geekery. The page the web site sends to the browser is generated on-the-fly by the CMS system. This upshot is that the text of the pages is the only thing the author needs to send to the site. While these are very easy to update, the technology behind them is quite complex and the site does need some quite in depth technical attention to take it from the initial defaults to something that the audience might want to read. Setting up CMSs is quite a complex operation. The other type of site is the "Flat File" site. In this style of site the author uploads the pages as they will be seen by the web browser. The author needs to understand, at the very least, html, the language of the web. If they want to do anything a little more trick then they would need to understand dhtml, css, javascript, etc etc etc. The rest of this article deals purely with Flat File sites as this represents the majority of MAG's web sites. Every CMS system works in a different way, so the operation of these sites is left to the experts running them.

To where do I upload my files

The following assumes that you have a new style web site on the MAG server where you log in as yourself, with your own personal user account name and password. There are still a number of accounts that aree accessed by a generic account and password specific to the web site, not the person logging in. Anyone issued with a webmaster account in 2010 or later will have a personal account.

When you first log into your MAG server account, you will see that there is a folder in your home area named for your web site. If you look after more than one web site you will see more than one folder. Each of these folders leads to a separate web site. Under each web site folder there are a number of sub-folders. The one of specific interest to webmasters is the "html" folder. The file index.html in this folder is the top page of the web site.