The MAG Server Email Settings


The new MAG self hosted server can provide a highly sophisticated and highly secure environment for members email. In the initial stages, mailboxes will be provided only to MAG members who have a specific need to interact with the MAG server, but once things have settled down, any full MAG member will be given an MAG mailbox on request.

Not just a mail account

An account on the MAG server is not just for email, it allows the user access to a number of other functions, the main one being access to the web site system. Once a MAG member has an account, they can then have all or part of any number of different MAG web sites bonded to their account. The web site will then appear as a subdirectory in their account named for the site in question.

MAG Email Security

On the previous server, email users could access their email accounts via POP3, IMAP or IMAPS. On this server, the username and password used to access email would give the user access to a number of other facilities as well, so it has been decided that only encrypted mail connections will be supported; this leaves IMAPS as the only candidate. If the MAG member was accessing their email on an "Untrusted" network (internet cafe, airport lounge etc) and someone was scanning for passwords, it would be the work of moments for them to have full access to all your MAG services. As time goes on and more of the plans reach fruition, this will become more and more important. Virtually all modern email applications will work quite happily with IMAPS, so this should not represent a block to using the mail system.

Email Settings

The following gives the basic configuration settings common to all compatible email clients

Please go to Thunderbird Setup for specific information about the thunderbird email client. This is the recommended email client for use with MAG's email service.

Parameter Value
Hostname, Incoming and Outgoing Mail
Username, Incoming and Outgoing Mail The 8 character or less username supplied as part of your setup info
Password, Incoming and Outgoing Mail The password supplied with your setup info
Incoming Mail, Protocol IMAP
Incoming Mail, Port Number 993
Incoming Mail, Use SSL Yes
Incoming Mail, Authenticate Yes
Outgoing Mail, Protocol SMTP
Outgoing Mail, Port Number 465
Outgoing Mail, Use SSL Yes
Outgoing Mail, Authenticate Yes

Spam and Virii

The MAG mail server software has a number of powerful tools in place for the detection and disposal of Spam. For those that are interested, it uses MailScanner as the framework, with Sendmail as the MTA/MDA & Spamassassin for Spam detection. It does not use a Virus checker at all; instead it bans outright any executable attachments.

If you receive a piece of mail that Spamassassin decides is probably spam, you will receive a mail telling you that it has been held for quarantine. If you want this mail delivered to you anyway, ie it has been trapped in error, then send the notice to the address detailed in the message and they will pull it out of quarantine for you. Please note that there may well be a delay in retrieving the message.