Why Webmasters Need a Mail Account

In order to access the MAG server to upload web site files to their web sites, MAG webmasters need to have a MAG server account. As part of the structure of the operating system we use, these server accounts are also email accounts; so every webmaster already has a MAG secure email account. The question then is why should the webmasters use this account? Easy; because it doesn't change and we need to have a sure-fire way of contacting the webmasters in case of emergency.

Putting up a web site on the internet has never been so easy as it is today. This does however obscure the fact that a web site in MAG's name puts MAG in a potentially precarious position legally. Many scoff at this, but it is an undeniable legal fact. MAG was founded as, and continues to be a grass roots organisation. Our democratic system was set up this way and it a core part of MAG's strength. MAG wants to ensure that MAG webmasters are free to put whatever they want (within reason and the law) up on their web sites. MAG does not prescribe "Corporate Guides" or "Look and Feel Requirements" for this very reason. If local or regional webmasters want to replicate the feel of the main web site, then of course that is perfectly allowable and indeed MAG can supply images and colour specs to help, but there is absolutely no requirement for them to do so.

MAG wants their webmasters to be as free as technically possible to take their MAG hosted web site wherever they feel it needs to go. There are however certain responsibilities that come with this freedom. The site must be legal. There must be no porn, or other illegal content and we must be able to send a message direct to the webmaster at all times. Experience over the last decade plus has shown without any doubt that the only way of guaranteeing this is to ensure that the webmaster uses their built in MAG server email account. This address will never change, so the webmaster cannot forget to inform the server admins about the change. However much this might seem to be a petty reason to enforce this requirement, over a decade of history shows that webmasters, as much as anyone else, are human and do forget to do things like that.